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Neurodiverse Love

During this episode,  Mona talks with Life Coach-Robin Tate.  Robin shares how important it is for her to continuously compliment the successes and strengths of the neurodiverse couples she works with and to remind both partners how their brains are "equal and different". She also discusses communication differences and the importance of addressing "perspective taking" during arguments and for both partners to remember their "on the same team".  Robin also shares how literal language and weak central coherence can sometimes cause unintentional misunderstandings and flooding that can lead to shutdowns or meltdowns (flight or fright response).

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Autism Spectrum Resources for Marriage and Family

Join Dr. Stephanie Holmes as she interviews Robin Tate, an Autism/ADHD Life Coach, and Neurodiverse Couples' Coach. Today we discuss Neurodiversity and strategies for executive functioning.

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