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Client Compliments

A simple sign of success.

"I asked my wife what one thing I can do to make her feel safe? She said "Keep meeting with Robin, she "gets it"".

Neal, Business Owner, Oklahoma

"I overheard my husband talking to his friend about our coaching meeting. When he came in he told me that he told his friend "I just had the best coaching session of my life, it was really different"."

Anonymous, Teacher, Pennsylvania

"I passed my FE Civil exam on the first try. I will be a certified engineer in training (EIT) in civil engineering. Most impressive, I stayed on task with no unscheduled breaks through an 8 hour exam and completed it with 2 minutes to spare while managing my time throughout. Your executive functioning lessons were at work. Many thanks to you."

David, Quality Control, Pennsylvania

"Robin approaches Coaching like I approach dirt!"

Kevin, Excavator/Business Owner, Alaska

"Since I have begun coaching with you (Robin) I have begun to embrace my neurodiversity."

Anonymous, Doctor, Alabama

"Robin has a remarkable way of digging out the deeper challenges."

Jay, Business Owner, Massachusetts

"Robin, the "Compromise Doughnut" worked! Your brilliance was in having me try it with relatively low-stakes issue of the man-bag."

John, Publishing Agent ,Washington D.C.

"I decided to continue working with you (Robin) because my fiance said "I have a lightbulb moment every time we meet". "

"Since we have discovered some of our invisible challenges we are able to have better conversations."

Anonymous, Ohio

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